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Free Website SSL Security

How To Install Free SSL Security On Your Website

Why Install Free SSL Security? Having proper security on your website is very important these days. Don’t worry, you can actually install free SSL security! After choosing a desired website hosting and domain package,...
How to Create Strong Passwords

How to Create Strong Passwords That Cannot be Hacked Easily(Guide)

Everyday we hear about new emails, websites and other accounts getting hacked. The number one reason for this though is a weak password on the users’ end. In this tutorial, you will learn how...
Best Antivirus

Best Antivirus Software for Windows

As the most popular operating system, Windows is also the most targeted. What this means is that you have to ensure that you have an antivirus software that actually works when using a windows...
Nord VPN Hack

Nord VPN Admits That it Was Hacked Last Year!

One of the most popular VPN service; Nord VPN, was hacked during the late part of 2018. You might be asking, ‘So why are we just hearing about this at the end of 2019?’...

Best VPN Services for Android Smartphones

Best Android VPN? Wait, What’s a VPN? Do you know what the best Android VPN is? Wait a sec; have you ever visited a website that told you that you can’t use it because...