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Nord VPN Hack

One of the most popular VPN service; Nord VPN, was hacked during the late part of 2018. You might be asking, ‘So why are we just hearing about this at the end of 2019?’ To answer that question, Nord made a statement that they did not want to come clean until they were sure that everything was alright with the servers, but is that actually true?.

Nord VPN Late Hack Announcement

Nord VPN Hacked

It’s great when companies are transparent for sure. It certainly retains a customer and allows them to trust in a time when trust is ‘expensive’. As for the team at Nord VPN, users cannot actually guarantee if what they are saying is true. On the other hand, Nord said that no sensitive data was accessed by the hackers but would they say otherwise?

The CEO also made it clear that the hackers only got access to ‘expired’ certificates. He also further mentioned that there was only one server that was breached out of 3000. This was also the reason why they didn’t make an announcement about the hack last year. They wanted to make sure everything was back to normal on their end first as well as check which servers were affected.


As a VPN provider it is a duty to provide not only excellent customer service and an easy to use website. But also highly protected and safe resources for users and their data.

A hack like this can be detrimental to Nord VPN. It does not matter if they have a huge chunk of users in the VPN space. Nord VPN is trusted and they would only be making things bad for themselves if they are lying that the hack was not serious. Nonetheless, many users know that they are a reputable company. They have great pricing and excellent support so this hack might not affect some users.

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Hacks are a big deal to handle and users most importantly are affected in many different ways. Are you a user of Nord VPN? What do you think about the recent hack announcement?

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