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Welcome to my blog – Gadgetsling! You must be a huge fan of gadgets and possess a love for technology? The truth is… I do and that is why I created this blog so that I can share my experiences and thoughts about technology for the entire world to read and stay informed!

So, just to present a little info about myself. I’m Kemmy a tech enthusiast and geek (as my wife always tells me) who fell in love with technology at a very tender age (around 7) and from that day until now, I’ve not had enough. I’m going, to be honest, my love for gadgets was so deep, I usually play Super Mario Bros on my friend’s Nintendo – Game Boy Color under my desk while I was in preparatory school.

During high school and college I was the ‘go to person’ to help my friends and teachers with tech related issues from solving small software issues to stripping down hardware and changing them. After attempting many different fields and being successful at some and others not so much, I decided to start this blog due to the love I have for new tech gadgets that are constantly popping up each day. I wanted to share what I know to the world so I decided to start a blog about that.

While I love tech very much, I am also a very conscious spender, therefore, I don’t buy gadgets that I do not need. I just rock a few necessary tools to get work done effectively. The laptop that I’m currently using is a Lenovo Thinkpad X250 that I love so much with three SSD disks and 8GB RAM. My Smart Phone is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI along with a Mi Band 4 Smartwatch. I do have some other tech which I did not mention but as you know, I can’t name all of them :).

Thanks for checking out my blog and I do hope that it helped you in some way or another on your quest for gadget news and reviews. In due time, I’ll add other members of the gadgetsling team and how they are helping this blog to grow.

  • Happy Reading! 🤖

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